Francisco J. Valencia, Jr. Headshot



As a senior, Francisco J. Valencia, Jr. (aka Frankie) excelled academically and was heavily invested in his community both at DePaul, in the city and around the world. In the weeks before his death, he was the keynote speaker at the President's Annual Diversity Brunch, was chosen to receive the Governors' Lincoln Laureate Award, and nominated to intern at the White House but unfortunately was killed before he could receive the award. His impact on the DePaul community is still very much present in many ways. He inspired those around him then, today and will continue to do so in the future. Valencia, a Resident Assistant, was a dedicated student leader at DePaul in Student Affairs, University Ministry, and across campus. His life and dreams were cut short when he was murdered in 2009. His legacy lives on in many ways, including through a DePaul scholarship named after him as well as through DePaul's Community Peacemakers program. Valencia dreamed of being a role model for future men of color and through his life and legacy, he did just that.
We are the future. How will you make it better? How will you be remembered?
Frankie Valencia