Headshots of Jessica and Steve Sarowitz


Jessica Sarowitz is a 1991 DePaul graduate, CEO of 4SBay Partners, a social impact investor, film maker, and real estate developer who supports entrepreneurial and philanthropic projects led by people of color and women to benefit their communities. As for Steve Sarowitz, founder and chairman of Paylocity and film maker with a passion for promoting peace and unity thru projects like innovative Youth and Adult workforce centers for underserved communities. Sarowitzs are big Blue Demon Athletics supporters, supporting student scholarships, student internships and new academic interdisciplinary programs at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.
The reason I came to DePaul is threefold. First of all, my decision was based on the quality of the education and what it meant to have a DePaul degree in the marketplace. The second is just rooted in my faith. Thirdly, just the student experience and the campus climate while earning a degree economics really helped me focus on the rigor that was required in some of the analyst positions I had when I first started out.
Jessica Sarowitz