DePaul Athletics Hall of Fame member Joe Wilhoit was a stellar four-sport athlete who is the only DePaul alum to play Major League Baseball, ultimately making it the World Series. He roamed the outfield for the Boston Braves, Pittsburg Pirates, New York Giants and Boston Red Sox from 1915 to 1919, and still holds the record in professional baseball for the longest hitting streak, with hits in 69 straight games. In addition to baseball, while at DePaul, he was part of the DePaul football team that earned the nickname “D-Men,” which led to the current nickname “Blue Demons.”
A few years back [DePaul Athletics] got a faint gleam, but it was back in about 1904 that it was in the center of the stage and in the main spot. With the athletes at the university at the time was one Joe Wilhoit, one alumni who really did much toward cultivating respect for DePaul throughout the country.
Excerpt from a 1935 DePaulia article